kaur. space is your weekly reminder of the things that matter most to you.
What does meaningful work look like to you? What do your body and brain need to be well? What difference are you meant to make in the world? Don’t have the answers yet? Don’t worry, we’re right there with you. LET'S FIGURE IT OUT TOGETHER.
kaur. space is an online community and weekly digital magazine. We publish stories, host conversations and ask questions that will help you invest in integrating WORK, WELLNESS, and IMPACT — the three things our generation cares most deeply about — into your life.

We promise to cover the things that matter to you, not the things we think matter to you  

HOW? We’ll ask you. As a kaur. space member, you’ll have the opportunity to send us your story ideas on a monthly basis about issues genuinely affecting your life and the lives of the people around you. If we select your idea, you’ll be involved in the process of shaping that story, working with our editors and writers to make sure we’re answering the questions you want covered. For too long, media has represented things that matter to a small but powerful portion of society while their readership has, in reality, been far more diverse. Thankfully, things are starting to change — and we want to help accelerate things by working directly with you to shape our content.

We won’t leave you thinking, “Now what?”  

How many times have you read something that changed your perspective on life but left you feeling unsure of the next step? How many times have you found yourself at the end of a fascinating or heartbreaking article, thinking, “But now what?” Our answer to that question: COMMUNITY. On our members-only private Instagram page, you’ll be able to connect and have ongoing conversations with likeminded people about the topics we cover each week. You can also join us for our conversation club, gain access to live-streamed online events, and see more exclusive content created just for you.

We’ll do everything we can to make you feel seen and supported in this community  

The internet can be an isolating and, frankly, terrifying place. We understand that — AND WE REJECT IT. The kaur. space community is built on a foundation of respect, inclusivity and intersectionality.



We are building a movement to help our generation better integrate work, wellness and impact into our everyday lives. We are creating a community with which we can do so, and crafting content, experiences and resources to keep you informed and inspired along the way. We promise honest content and conversations every single week as we walk this path forward together.

KOMAL kaur. space founder


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