What does it mean to #workdifferently? 

Many of us now work in constantly connected, highly demanding work cultures where stress is high and the risk of burnout is widespread. We know that the pace and intensity of modern work culture is not likely to change, which is why it’s more important than ever for people to find ways to work in healthier, more sustainable ways.

To #workdifferently means to find spaces, adopt systems and learn tactics that support your growth, make sense for the way you work, and help you bloom, wherever you’re planted.

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Can I write for kaur. space?  

Please review our editorial guidelines and then send your pitch to SUBMISSIONS@KAURSPACE.COM


You had a membership community, where’d it go?  

We are on a summer hiatus as we work to make our products even better for you. Stay tuned for a reveal coming this Fall. In the meantime, join our ‘What’s Working’ newsletter to help redefine your relationship to work, and follow our community on Instagram.

What is the meaning of Kaur

In Sikhism, kaur. space founder Komal Minhas’s faith, Kaur is the middle name given to all female Sikhs by the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, as a symbol of gender equality and to eliminate the caste system. It was given to communicate that women should no longer be the property of their husbands or fathers, but have ownership over their own lives. The name Singh was given to all male Sikhs. To us, Kaur represents a deep commitment to honouring equitable values, cultural significance and intentional living.

FUN FACT: Kaur also means princess and lioness. It represents a commitment to living the life of a warrior everyday.

Our sis, Rupi Kaur, shared a bit more about the history of kaur here.

Can I be a part of the kaur. space community if I am not a Sikh woman? 

SHORT ANSWER:   Absolutely!

LONGER ANSWER:   When we named kaur. space, our intention was to create a space where Sikh women feel immediately seen and welcome, but the community is here for anyone who values inclusivity and respect — which you probably do if you’re asking this thoughtful question.


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