You're someone who realizes that ‘hustling harder’ and ‘the grind’ are  bullshit. You’re someone who recognizes that the systems we’re functioning in were not built with you and your lived experience in mind. You’re someone who knows you can better integrate key aspects of your life, but would like a community and resources to help make it real.

Being a kaur. member is an opportunity to dive deeper into these truths with people who are holding space for you — every part of you. Our members understand and respect that you’ve experienced challenges throughout your life, and know that on some days just showing up is the best you can do. And that’s enough.

kaur. members love learning, being challenged, and engaging with thoughtful questions about the things that matter most to them — Work. Wellness. Impact.

You want your online experience to reflect more of your truth.
We are here to help do just that.




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•   Three pieces of original journalism every week focused on work, wellness and impact.

•   The opportunity to submit weekly ideas for articles and interviews that, if selected, we’ll assign to one of our incredible writers (we’ve brought together a diverse group of humans you’re going to get to know soon).

•   Ongoing conversations with like-minded people who care deeply about work, wellness and impact.

•   Membership to our private Instagram community, where you’ll have access to —

○   A safe, private online space to share and engage honestly with topics that matter to you.
○   Live-streamed digital events, including Q&As with our writers, editor, industry leaders and founder.
○   The kaur. conversation club. Every week we’ll be asking questions to help you dive deeper into the week’s content via our main feed, and InstaStories. Our team will also host weekly Instagram Lives where we’ll invite you in live or in the comments, to get into the week’s questions together.

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Our kaur. members will be diving into questions like the ones in this guide every week together — Let it guide you to uncover part of your life's core purpose.


We create experiences, tell stories and build community around what matters most — work, wellness and impact.
What is at our kaur?

kaur. space is a weekly digital magazine and online community for people who care deeply about the work they do, developing their own definitions of wellness, and the impact they make on the world. Officially launching in January 2019, we’ll publish three pieces of journalism each week — one on the topic of work, one on wellness and one on impact. We’ll also nurture a private Instagram community for kaur. space members, where we’ll host digital events, release more exclusive content, and ask questions that will help you integrate work, wellness and impact into your own life.



Komal is the creator and founder of kaur. space and has numerous accolades under her belt, including a spot on Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul100 list.

“We are building a movement to help our generation better integrate work, wellness and impact into our everyday lives. We are creating a community with which we can do so, and crafting content, experiences and resources to keep you informed and inspired along the way. We promise honest content and conversations every single week as we walk this path forward together.”    READ MORE


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